safe and effective paediatric osteopathy for babies

Nurturing Your Baby’s Health and Development through Paediatric Osteopathy

An osteopathic assessment of baby after birth will participate in identifying potential body strains resulting from the transition from the inside life to the outside world – strains that could further contribute to unsettled behaviour, feeding or digestive difficulties. Osteopaths use safe, gentle and non-manipulative techniques such as cranial osteopathy when treating babies.

Specialist Osteopathy for Children

Enhancing Your Child’s Health and Happiness with Gentle Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is suitable for children at all stages of development. Osteopaths can help optimize toddlers’ wellbeing by monitoring the progress of developmental milestones. Children can also benefit from Osteopathy to settle minor stresses and strains occurring with illnesses or injuries. And, teenagers can find support at a time in their lives of great change both physically and physiologically; with hours of studying or intense sport activities, they often suffer from discomforts in their bodies that osteopathy can participate in resolving.


“Our two sessions for our 3 month old daughter born via caesarean section have already made the biggest difference to her and us. Her latch for breastfeeding is significantly improved and she is much less tense. We are so grateful for Roxane’s professionalism, knowledge and skill, she is amazing! We can’t wait for our next session with her.” 

From Nicola