Pre/Post-Natal Osteopathy

Supporting Your Journey to Motherhood with Pre-natal Osteopathy

Aches and pains such as joints, low back and pelvic pain are common in pregnancy because of the postural and physiological changes that a woman’s body undergoes as baby develops.

Osteopathy can help ease numerous physical discomforts and help the body prepare for the demands of labour.


Easing Your Transition into Motherhood with Osteopathic Care

After birth, a mother tends to concentrate on her new-born’s wellbeing, however, it is important to release mechanical strains and stresses on her body from pregnancy and labour; Osteopathic treatment can help the mother regain health and strength and allow her to relax and enjoy the new challenge of life with baby.


“It’s been such a pleasure seeing Roxane once a week during the early weeks of my pregnancy. She is warm, friendly and knowledgable and I love how I feel when I leave. It’s really kept me in tune with my body and I feel more aligned.She’s been able to pinpoint specific issues right on which is very satisfying!”

From Emma