« Mum’s wrist » or « Mum’s thumb » also known as de Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a common condition that affects new mums, in which the tendons that run along the base of the thumb and wrist become inflamed. This is due to repetitive awkward movements (when picking up baby, holding, nursing, bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, changing nappies…) and the fact that postpartum involves a huge change in hormone levels, increasing the mobility of the joints and thus the risk of developing joint pain.

Main symptoms are:
-pain in thumb side of wrist
-pain on moving thumb
-swelling near the base of thumb
-weakness and pain when lifting or gripping objects
-popping sensation near wrist

Treatments include:
-splint or tapping to support wrist and thumb
-ice over affected area to reduce inflammation
-anti-inflammatory prescribed by GP
-use a sling or carrier to minimise the use of wrist
-trying different positions while feeding and holding baby
-Osteopathy and home exercises such as stretching and strengthening