Sports activities may be your regular way of life, but be aware that high intensity, frantic training, poor training technique or poor use of sport equipment can lead to sport injuries!

Common sport injuries include strains and sprains affecting the tendons, muscles and ligaments; muscular pain/aches; swelling from overuse…

Osteopathy has been playing an important role assisting professional athletes over the years, and can help you also. Osteopathic treatment can:
– alleviate symptoms of an injury
– aid recovery
– improve strength and conditioning
– prepare and balance the body before a competition
– release tensions and dysfunctions created during physical effort
– with preventive measures, help maintain the body in optimum condition and reduce risk of future injury

Your osteopath will address body’s structure and function, improve joint mobility, improve muscle tone and reduce adhesions, so that ease of movement is restored and performance enhanced – and this, whether you are a professional athlete or new to sports.