A common jaw condition, that osteopathy can help address, is TMD (temporomandibular disorders); TMD describes a functioning issue with the temporomandibular joint. This joint is located on either side of the head and connects the skull and mandible together, allowing to open/close the mouth, speak, chew …

Some causes of TMD include grinding or clenching teeth (known as Bruxism) most often due to stress and anxiety; displacement of the jaw joint disks; arthritis in the joint; dental problems such as an uneven bite; acute trauma …

Signs and symptoms of TMD:
-Unable to open the mouth fully
-Pain when yawning, biting, or chewing
-Neck, shoulder pain
-Jaw locking
-Clicking or popping of the jaw
-Ear aches or fullness in the ear
-Jaw pain or tenderness
-Difficulty opening or closing mouth
-Tired feeling in the face

Treatments for TMD include:
· Osteopathy
· Stress management
· Jaw stretches and strengthening exercises
· Avoid nail biting, pen/gum chewing, avoid resting chin on hand, avoid clenching/grinding teeth, avoid pushing tongue against teeth
· Ice/heat therapy
· eat soft food, like pasta, omelettes and soup
· do not bite food with your front teeth
· Visit your dentist